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Building a mature, cross culture approach to business relationships

Chinese business culture values relationships above all. When a successful relationship is established, you can expect business loyalty and long-term commitment. Cross Culture International can provide bi-cultural support that will significantly enhance your capability to develop and manage business relationships through a variety of tried and tested services, such as;
  1. Assisting and developing market entry strategies for China with primary consideration of cultural differences between the Chinese and Western markets
  2. Advising on strategies and interpretation of agendas for developing relations and hosting individuals and delegations
  3. Identifying and developing the most suitable key personnel to support the Chinese market, enhance corporate capabilities and avoid cultural costs
  4. Negotiation design, advice, direct support, and process participation
  5. Building and nurturing China relationships
  6. Interpretative translations with clear cultural references to the Western and Chinese perspective
  7. Cross-cultural marketing advice
  8. Cross-cultural management assistance