Helping western business succeed in China. Helping Chinese business succeed in Australia.


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Bi-cultural services to support executives, business development and operations personnel.

Cross Culture International is a bi-cultural consulting firm providing professional advisory and coaching services to businesses seeking to develop businesses with Chinese should that be in Australia or China.

CCI will work closely with your organization to form comprehensive and practical business development and communication strategies that are culturally suitable for Chinese, increasing your business capability, enhancing your opportunities, and helping you to succeed.

  1. China preparation, pre-departure briefing, and continued support
  2. Culturally suited China strategic planning
  3. Relationship building and coaching with Chinese
  4. Negotiation assistance
  5. High context effective communication with Chinese
  6. China-suited management and marketing advice
  7. Guided in China ground support

All services are offered on a casual or retainer basis

Doing Business in China
Cross Culture International specialises in such awareness. We can help improve your chances of success in one of the worlds largest and difficult markets.
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Building Relationships
Cross Culture International can provide bi-cultural support that will significantly enhance your capability to develop and manage business relationships through a variety of tried and tested services.
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Skills Training
Cross Culture International helps in enhancing cultural skills for personnel operating in China, fostering successful business relationships, and avoiding potential issues.
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Assisting in Personnel
Cross Culture International fully understands the difficulties that organizations face in choosing the most appropriate personnel for China business assignments.
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Executive Coaching
Cross Culture International can provide comprehensive briefings for corporate executives and expatriates ahead of their assignments or business trips to China.
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Vet Education in Australia and Beyond
Cross Culture International assistance plays a important role in shaping and enriching education, not only in Australia but also on a global scale.
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