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Doing business in China

48% of businesses fail within the first 2 years of operation in China.
Cross Culture International is here to help you to succeed

Expert assistance in China is a must

  • Chinese business culture is unique; it is totally different from other national cultures!
  • China offers fantastic opportunities; you need to move fast!
  • China is a large and diverse market; it is too risky to enter without assistance!
  • Too much money has been wasted in China; you want to save money!
  • Too many companies have failed; you do not want to be the next one!
  • Local people are not bi-cultural; they do not understand your culture!

Why contact Cross Culture International?

  • Bi-cultural literacy in Western-Chinese cultures
  • Practical knowledge and experience working with Australian, Western and international organisations
  • Extensive industry experience and sound research base re-enforced by with publications
  • Implementable management tools supported by research
  • Effective with success stories